A software to assign marker to their chromosome type and to perform sexing of individuals using genotyping data
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The software DetSex implements a Bayesian model-based classifier to assign markers to their chromosome type (autosomal, sex chromosome, mitochondrial or chloroplastic) and/or to infer the sex of individuals from genotyping data. The DetSex model accounts (and estimates) for the allele frequencies in the population(s) and the genotyping error rate for each marker. DetSex is written in Fortran90. The executables for various platforms (currently Windows and Linux) are available and the source code will be made available upon acceptance of the paper describing the method. The manual provides information about how to format the data file, how to specify the user-defined parameters, and how to interpret the results.

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If you have any question, please feel free to contact me. However, I strongly recommend you read the manual first.

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Gautier M. 2014. Using genotyping data to assign markers to their chromosome type and to infer the sex of individuals: a Bayesian model-based classifier. Molecular Ecology Resources, 14(6): 1141-59. ( )


DetSex is a free software under the the GPL-compatible CeCILL-B licence and copyright © 2023 INRAE.

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