De nombreux chercheurs et ingénieurs du CBGP ont développé et continuent de développer des méthodes d’analyse originales en génétique et génomique des populations, en phylogénie et phylogénomique, mais aussi en écologie. Ces méthodes et ces modèles sont mis à la disposition de la communauté sous la forme de logiciels, de scripts et de paquetages R, le plus souvent protégés par des licences publiques ouvertes. N’hésitez pas à les utiliser !


Genome-Wide Scan for Adaptive Differentiation and Association Analysis with population-specific covariables


An integrated software for detecting recent variations in effective population size from allele frequency data


An R package to detect markers responding to selection


A software to assign marker to their chromosome type and to perform sexing of individuals using genotyping data


An inference software implementing Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) combined with supervised machine learning based on Random Forests (RF), for model choice and parameter inference in the context of population genetics analysis


A computer program that allows various statistical treatments on microsatellite datasets with null alleles


A program employing multilocus genotypes to select or exclude populations as origins of individuals (Assignment and Migrants Detection)


Simulation of genotypic data under general isolation by distance models


A computer program for a simulation-based evaluation of the diagnostic status of juxtaposed microsatellite systems


A software package implementing a hierarchical Bayesian model to estimate divergence times (in a diffusion time scale) in a population tree, from large single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data


A -R- package delivering an exploratory and visual method providing geographical representations summarizing the spatial variation of pairwise metrics (e.g. distance, similarity coefficient, etc.) computed between georeferenced samples


Coalescent algorithms for maximum likelihood analysis of population genetic data


A suite of programs to facilitate the experimental design procedure and to perfom quality check of Pool-Seq data


A -R- package to search for footprints of selection using Extended Haplotype Homozygosity based tests


Detecting and measuring selection from gene frequency data

|SE|S|AM|E| Barcode

A user-friendly web application for barcoding amplicon sequences obtained through NGS


A set of R resources to teach landscape ecology, landscape analysis and spatial statistics


Analysis of RAD-seq data for interspecific phylogeny