IBDSim is a computer package for the simulation of genotypic data under general isolation by distance models
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IBDSim can consider a large panel of subdivided population models representing discrete subpopulations as well as a large continuous population. Many dispersal distributions, with different tails, can be considered as well as various heterogeneities in space and time of the demographic parameters.

For examples of various applications see Leblois et al. (2003), Leblois et al. (2004), Leblois et al. (2006), Rousset & Leblois (2007), Rousset & Leblois (2012), Leblois et al. (2014), Gauffre et al. (2015).

IBDSim Version 2.0 (09/2015) can now simulate allelic and sequence data under various mutation models (IAM, KAM, SMM, GSM, ISM, JC69, K2P, F81, HKY, TN, SNP), continuous temporal changes in density and habitat sizes, simple barriers to gene flow and pre and post dispersal sampling. This new version also include a graphical interface.

The program and its GUI runs on PC under Windows, Mac or Linux systems, and we provide the source code for the commandline version that can be easily compiled under any system using C++ ISO compiler.

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Leblois R, Estoup A & Rousset F, 2009. IBDSim: a computer program to simulate genotypic data under isolation by distance. Molecular Ecology Resources, 9: 107-109. (https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1755-0998.2008.02417.x)

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