Inferring population histories using genome-wide allele frequency data
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The software package KimTree implements a hierarchical Bayesian model to estimate divergence times (in a diffusion time scale) in a population tree, from large single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data. The joint analysis of autosomal and X-linked polymorphisms further allows KimTree to infer the effective sex ratios or ESR (defined as the female proportion of the effective population), along each branch.

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Gautier M. and Vitalis R. 2013. Inferring population histories using genome-wide allele frequency data. Molecular Biology and Evolution 30: 654-668

Clemente F, Gautier M and Vitalis R (2018) Inferring sex-specific demographic history from SNP data. PLoS Genetics 14(1): e1007191


KimTree is a free software under the the GPL licence and copyright © 2013 INRAE.

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