SARR Nathalie

Nathalie SARR

Technicienne, IRD (Dakar, SEN)


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Dernières publications
Niang C.T., Kane M., Niang Y., Sarr N., March L., Tatard C., Artige E., Diagne C., Moron V., Mauffrey J.-F., Noûs C., Bâ K., Laffont-Schwob I., Bal A.B. & Dalecky A. 2022. Socio-environmental changes and rodent populations in lowland agroecosystems of the lower delta of the River Senegal, West Africa: results of observations over a decade, 2008-2019. Journal of Vertebrate Biology 71 : 22015. (
Granjon L., Fossati‐Gaschignard O., Artige E., Bâ K., Brouat C., Dalecky A., Diagne C.A., Diallo M., Gauthier P., Handschumacher P., Kane M., Husse L., Niang Y., Piry S., Sarr N., Sow A. & Duplantier J.M. 2021. Commensal small mammal trapping data in Southern Senegal, 2012–2015: where invasive species meet native ones. Ecology 102 : e03470. (